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Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club Alumni & Friends Association

Theodore Roosevelt

Mr. Frank Callen

The Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club was organized in 1917 as the Savannah Boys' Club by Mr. Frank Callen, a local probation officer.  In 1922, the Club became a member of the Boys Club of America.  In 1954, the Charlton Street Club was renamed the Frank Callen Boys Club in memory of the organization's founder.  The Savannah Club was a leader in national efforts to include girls by accepting as members in the early fifties.  In keeping with the National Boys & Girls Club movement, the club officially changed its name to the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club in 1992.

 The Alumni and Friends Association is compiled of past members, coaches, administration, volunteers, and community supporters of the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club.  The Association continues to support the children and programs of the Frank Callen Program, as well as provides an active body for past members and supporters to stay involved with the program, our local community, and with one another.

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